Snoop, De La Soul, Black Star and Rakim Live in London - 2011

2011 has blessed London with some of the best live concerts we have seen for a while. The RapBuzz.com was of course there for all of them, starting off with the massive Rakim, De La Soul and Rakim concert in May...followed shortly by Snoop himself and then Rakim going at it again solo.

See below for a taster that we have lovingly put together for y'all...

Rakim - Guess Who's Back

De La Soul - The Grind Date

Black Star with surprise Jay Electronica appearance

Snoop - Next Episode, Kush, Gin and Juice


We're back in town - The New Refreshed LaCantinaProductions.com is Live in Beta

Interruption to the regular TheRapBuzz.com programming to say that...it took a long time, but we finally got there - the new version of LaCantinaProductions.com has finally been launched in beta! Ye-Yeah...

Man we've been busy. About a year ago, during a hot summer night in Rome, we decided that we needed professional web design help to take us to the next level - because as much as we'd love to, none of us can properly code XHTML, CSS, PHP and all of those other amazing things.

Also, our logo (lovingly put together 7 years ago in between the UK and Holland) needed a refresh for 2011. We needed something that would better represent the professional production team that we'd put together, yet have that real hip hop edge that has defined us since day 1. You can imagine our joy when we managed to actually accomplish this task ourselves and create what you see at the top of this blog post (who would've thought...).

So, proudly armed with a new logo off we go and hire a web agency based in the small, quiet town of Chichester (UK) and get the web ball rolling. Below is an incredible rare image of the new website wireframe plus the notebook where the first ideas were laid out...(!)

But back to the facts...after various bits of back and forth feedback around making our new logo fit with the redesign, the guys delivered. Now it was up to us to go through the herculean task of transferring everything over from the old site...

Delighted to announce, that today we finally got there. It's all still in beta, so no shouting and telling the whole world yet...but it's out there for all to enjoy (with 15 new beats). Now give us another couple of weeks and we'll be ready with the final final thing and a global launch that will be heard far and wide. Bam.

One love, www.LaCantinaProductions.com
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