Funcrusher Friday - Issue 7

By Ru1

Its such a great feeling to be able to post new tracks on a Funcrusher Friday. Don't get me wrong, the Def Jux back catalogue is so vast and impressive you can get lost in it, but we just love to see our heroes releasing new music. And EL-P is a true Rap Buzz 'hero'.

The man formerly known as El-Producto teams up with his R.A.P. Music partner Killer Mike to great effect in this captivating new collabo Run the Jewels. This is no one time project - the two have officially teamed up as Run the Jewels and unlike their acclaimed 2012 collaboration, EL-P graces the mic as well! EL still holds down the majority of productions too.

Make sure you download this...its FREE! This ish is fiya!!


Wu-Tang Clan - Family Reunion

By Ru1

When it comes to the Wu, no introductions are necessary. Check out the world's greatest crew's latest offering, Family Reunion. (ps. shout out to my incredible girlfriend for getting me a ticket to the Wu's 20th anniversary gig).



Prodigy X Alchemist - The One

By Ru1

Yup, so the much anticipated Prodigy/Alc collabo has hit the streets and...its pretty dope! I must say that I didn't warm to it immediately but Alc's insanely spectacular beats have had me mesmerised for days now. Prodigy, while always considered to be the more lyrically talented of the Mobb, doesn't always hit the mark...but overall his general presence gets him over the line. Now this might sound blasphemous to some..but hey, that's my opinion! Anyway, dont get me wrong, this is a quality product so go get it!

Check out one of the best joints off the record, The One, featuring Bam Bam!!!


Deltron 3030 - City Rising From The Ashes

By Ru1

I think its fair to say that Deltron 3030 changed the rap game with their eponymous release back in 2000. The kings of 'alternative' hip hop are back in business with a new album set to drop later this year. In anticipation of that mega release, they have blessed us with two teaser singles including the City Rising From the Ashes. Del, Dan and Kid Koala sure haven't lost their touch. We cannot wait for the album to drop!! In the meantime, devour this tune!


Funcrusher Friday - Issue 6

By Ru1

This week's Funcrusher Friday features a lyrical heavyweight of epic proportions: Mr. Lif! While its hard to fathom why this talented emcee has only dropped three official full length albums, he has put out some fine 'rare release' records. His 2003 compilation Sleepyheads contains what is probably my favourite Lif track of all time, Because They Made It That Way. Lif's verses are laced with snippets of intelligent social commentary and personal insights - all delivered with a mesmeric flow. This coupled with an ill piano looped instrumental produced by his Perceptionists sparring partner, Akrobatik, makes this one for posterity.



The Doppelgangaz - Oh Well

By Ru1

The Doppelgangaz represent the Rap Buzz to the fullest - ill lyrics, style, flow, creative beats: real hip hop basically. The Orange County duo's latest full length offering Hark does not disappoint. In fact, as a youtube commenter put it: "this is the best album since your last album!".  Enjoy the second single off the album, Oh Well.


Dirt Platoon - Point of Attack

By Ru1

If y'all thought the Rap Buzz didnt do 'hardcore', you're wrong. Check out the Baltimore duo Dirt Platoon's track Point of Attack featuring a sick beat by the ever reliable French producer Kyo Itachi. Oh and Shabaam Sahdeeq drops a verse too...enjoy!


Funcrusher Friday - Issue 5

By Ru1

For this week's instalment of Furncrusher Friday we've decided to regale you with a unique El-P track off his sophomore album I'll Sleep When You're Dead. At the time of release, EMG (Everything Must Go) stood out significantly from El's earlier work . The rather lighthearted nature of the track showed us another side to EL-P's s versatility and craftiness. In fact, this was my favourite track (on a different beat) on the Hip Hop Connection Def Jux promo cd that came with the mag way back in 2005 or thereabouts. I really need to dig out that cd!!


Durag Dynasty - The Alchemist

By Ru1

The Alchemist sure is prolific, isn't he? The great thing about ALC is that he maintains and surpasses his own high standards project after project. He doesn't disappoint in 360 Waves, an album by new West Coast trio Planet Asia, Killer Ben, and Tristate. While we wouldn't dare call it a 'classic', this project will no doubt feature in 2013's top 20 albums chart (our chart that is). Here's the title track (there's a verse missing in the vid - shame as ALC changes it up sublimely), enjoy!


Ugly Heroes

By Ru1

Is there nothing the Mello Music Group cant do?! Two or maybe even three of last year's top five albums were from this insane collective and they haven't relented in 2013. The latest project they've put out features Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill as Ugly Heroes. Clever rhymes stylishly spat over seriously 'mello' beats. We can't get enough of this stuff! Check out 'Hero's Theme' and don't forget to cop the album!

Oh and wanna know how they describe themselves..? "Blue Collar Rap Over Nasty Detroit Beats"



Funcrusher Friday - Issue 4

By Ru1

This week's Funcrusher Friday is dedicated to a fallen soldier. Camu Tao who prematurely left us five years ago was truly a rap heavyweight. As a soloist or as a member of SA Smash or the Weathermen he always stepped up to the plate. In his honour, we wanted to post two of Camu's rawest tracks that we know you will bump with some nostalgia.

Turn the volume up, max out your bass.

RIP Camu Tao - Thank you for the music.


Seven G.E.M.S.

By Ru1

Well, well, well...after Benificence's awesome Concrete Soul and Rashad & Confidence's brilliant Element of Surprise, Ill Adrenaline Records strikes back  with another certified classic...and, no sir, I aint using the term 'classic' lightly. Golden Era Music Sciences is an incredible project featuring Massachusettes trio Tragic Allies and Queensbridge hero Tragedy Khadafi. I hate to call it a throwback LP, but that classic 90s sound resonates so vividly I dont know what else to call it. This is some top tier ish right here! Check out the latest single off this epic release, Time to Ponder!!! Oh and mad props to Purpose for this sick beat!



Hannibal Stax - 46 Bars of Death

By Ru1

2013 is gonna be one of the vintage years in rap music, you can just feel it. Hannibal Stax, a BK stalwart from the GangStarr Foundation, has teamed up with the ever versatile Marco Polo to put out a real hip hop record. Seize the Day gives you that real boom bap vibe with heavy beats coupled with cuts and potent bars by one of Brooklyn's unsung heroes. Check out the lead single off the album 46 Bars of Death!


Statik Selektah - Bird's Eye View

By Ru1

If you are half as excited as we are about Statik Selektah's upcoming album Extended Play, then we can be buddies! How can we not be excited when he puts out a single featuring Raekwon, Black Thought and Joey Bada$$ over a superbly-crafted beat sampling Merge's What Makes You Wanna Lie To Me?! This is one of those blockbuster productions Statik has gotten us used to, no doubt! These three lyrical heavyweights seem to complement each other perfectly. Old School, New School...it don't matter. This is true school!


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