Almighty - Papyrus Prophecies

By Ru1

ALMIGHTY are Canibus, M-Eighty, Cappadonna, Bronze Nazareth, Nino Graye and Planet Asia!!! Yup, that's right...nuff said!

Make sure you catch their debut album the '2nd Coming' when it drops later this month. In the meanwhile enjoy the lead single 'Papyrus Prophecies'.



Pete Rock and Camp Lo - 80 Blocks From Tiffany's Pt 2

By Ru1

If y'all were excited about our last post featuring the almighty Jeru, wait until you get this dose of boom bap from the legendary Pete Rock and everyone's favourites Camp Lo! Their second collabo mixtape features the likes of MOP (what a track!) as well as new cats Mac Miller and Ab-Soul. Here's the link to the tape or stream it below - make sure you bump this all weekend! Gyeaaaah!

Jeru the Damaja - Solar Flares

By Ru1

When Jeru the Damaja promised to release a record featuring golden age producers like JuJu and Preemo back in 2011, hip hop heads couldn't believe their luck. As we now know that project never materialised, but your favourite East New York MC has hot back in style with a fine track produced by the legendary Large Pro! Check out 'Solar Flares' - solid bars by the Damaja over a sick 90's beat...can we have more, please?! Enjoy!!


Funcrusher Friday Issue 12

By Ru1

Let's take it back to 1998 and Lyricists Lounge...Volume 1! Funnily enough I never rated this track before I fell in love with Funcrusher Plus (although it was obvious even back then that EL-P liked pushing boundaries). The song I'm talking about is 'Weight' by the Indelible MCs, the super group composed of Company Flow, J-Treds and the Juggaknots! This ish is toooooo raw!! Love it!

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