Nas, The Roots and Just Blaze Remix Nat King Cole

This is beautiful. Some of the best hip hop artists and producers coming together to remix Nat King Cole, each in their own style. Nas, Will.i.am, Cee-Lo, The Roots, Cut Chemist and Just Blaze have all participated in the project, Re:Generations, to be released March 10th.

And it goes beyond the music, with graffiti artist Man One also making his contribution by adding a visual element to the effort. All supported by Nat's daughter, Carole Cole: "we want to musically and visually bridge the so-called generation gap and hopefully create mutual admiration and respect between teens, parents, and grands of every culture" Way to go.

This is definitely a fantastic way to introduce newer generations to some of the musical gems of the past by adding a modern and unique twist to them. And also, it showcases creative sampling and remixing as a true art form, something that as beatmakers we are obsessed about...

Intro to the album below, tracks can be heard here...not to be missed people

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