Why Did Gang Starr Split Up?

Why did Gang Starr split up? A lot of Hip Hop heads from the late 80s and 90s are probably still wondering why one of the best Hip Hop groups ever ended up feuding and eventually splitting up to the great disappointment of the Hip Hop community. The real reasons have never been fully disclosed (will they ever?) but Gang Starr affiliate and close friend of Guru has decided to speak his peace on the issue and he blames the split on drugs, theft, ego and porn beats! 

Check the video below courtesy of Forbez DVD which will soon release 'Breakup of the Chain & Starr' - an entire documentary dedicated to the break up of Gang Starr.


  1. preem is fucking snake! framing guru and Solar blaming solar for the breakup and callling them Gay cause he was trying cover his own filthy behaviour. this dude doing gay porn and thinkin nobody gonna out him?
    well now the people know Solar and guru are innocent and this piece of shit need to be dealt wit! RIP GURU

    1. yo! Dat fag gusmo is fucking lying...he washed up n tryin to make a fast buck! Preem has no control over what people do with the beats he creates after getting paid..da industry is shady!! Fuck anybody who hates what premier says about guru...he would know...


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