50 Cent 'The Big 10' Mixtape and New Album?

Fiddy has just announced that next week he'll be dropping a new 10-track project to celebrate the 10th anniversary since his first mixtape '50 Cent Is The Future' was released and he's promising a video per track too! Lets see if 50 can bring his rap game back to his hay-day or if he should maybe stick to selling vitamin water and making castles with his money.

He's also suggested his new LP will see the light of day in December although Interscope hasn't confirmed any official release dat. Patiently waiting...for the time being, here's 'What Up Gangsta' Part 2:

In related news, Fiddy has been sort of 'tweefing' with T.I. about Tip's incarceration and whether his wife Tiny should've taken the rap and only get probation. Anyway you can check the 'dispute' right here and respect to T.I. for knocking twitter beefs...


The mixtape will be released Friday December 9th at 12pm - peep the cover art below:

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