Funcrusher Friday - Issue 10

By Ru1

Believe it or not this week's Funcrusher Friday takes us to...Italy! We are proud to bring to you one of our all time favourite rappers - Danno from the legendary group Colle der Fomento - together with the supremely talented producer Stabbyoboy and multiple DMC/IDA ranked turntablist DJ Craim. These three Italian hip hop stalwarts formed the collective Artificial Kid to promote their brand of futuritsic 'cyberpunk' rap and their only record to date is simply amaing. Their concept album Numero 47 (which in reality is the number given to a cyborg prototype in Artificial Kid's fantasy world!) was not only bold beyond measure, but completely unique to the Italian undergrou rap scene.

Enjoy this signature AK track - Il Sistema (the system) - and let us know what you think about the Def Jux influence!

Have a great weekend!

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