Funcrusher Friday - Issue 9

By Ru1

This week’s Funcrusher Friday features my favourite Def Jux track off of my favourite Def Jux album by my favourite Def Jux artist of all time. No Regrets by the effervescent Aesop Rock was one of the standout tracks from his incredible 3rd album ‘Labor Days’. Produced by his long time collaborator Blockhead, No Regrets encapsulates everything that is special about Aesop Rock: lyrics, social commentary, style, flow and coherence. Through this parable starring Lucy, Aesop manages to show what a wage earner can do when they confront the system and their slave masters. To all those haters out there who criticise Aesop Rock’s (perceived) verbosity and lyrical complexity: you don’t understand sh!t!

Enjoy this classic and have a great weekend, folks!

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