New! CNN feat. Busta Rhymes & Ron Browz "Rotate"

CNN is finally back! Let the record 'Rotate'!

Finally Capone-N-Noreaga have teamed up again and released a joint! Rotate is ok, nothing incredible, but fuelled up in the club with chicks grindin' all over the place, i'm sure it'll sound better! And after a few listens i gotta say the track is growing on me altho busta's verse is pretty disappointing and that autotune is starting to become as annoying as 50 cent chanting G-Uuuuunit every other second...

Anyway, Channel 10, the full length, is dropping around Spring time and CNN have promised it's got that 'Timbs and Hoody' sound throughout!! If it can get anywhere near the quality of The War Report, it's gonna bring New York back on the map, let's just hope it's not just all talk cuz after 9 years wait I'm expecting a lot from the cats who once were T.O.N.Y!

P.S. Can someone please make the Autotune illegal!! Honestly, does everybody have to use it?? I don't wanna sound like a hater and i know these people need to jump on waves to make a little paper but still...if you really love music why not try something different?? Why copy the next man's idea by the masses?? I personally don't get it and it doesn't even sound that great half the time anyway...Like Nas said 'No idea's original, there's nothing new under sun...' (y'all real nas fans know which song i'm talking about)...

Track below

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