The Most Embarassing Hip Hop Songs of All Time (Scott Storch feat. Nox - You Ain't Built Like That)

TheRapBuzz.com is back! We've had a hardcore chilled out christmas break thinking of ideas for articles for 2009...and sure enough our friend KNL has kicked off an excellent new set, the most embarassing hip hop songs of all time.

We've covered the best of 2008, so it's now time to sit back and have a laugh at some of the most cringe-worthy hip hop we have ever come across...

This is definitely a contender for one of the most embarrassing ass songs I have ever come across!

First of all, what drives a non-rapping producer to jump on the mic and attack one of the dopest producers out there(Timbo)…secondly, why the hell do you make a ‘bordering on the homo’ video with a rapper NO-ONE has heard of and not realise you look like a dick?

My favourite scene has to be Scott Storch and his two street-cred adding chronies on his boat in the Miami Sea…three guys on a boat in the sea, how can you be a "tough" guy rapping on a boat?? The song itself was whack as hell, but I’m sure you could have guessed that, and the beat is one of his throw aways. Damn Scotty, I actually liked you at one point!

Killer Line:“Where’s your Veyron?” Nox at the end of the song, whilst posing in Scott Storch’s famed Bugatti. (Note: Hanging in your friend’s nice car and boasting about it shows you have no money and probably pick up Scotty’s laundry on the weekends.) Ouch...

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