A New Outkast Album Soon?

Source: Marco Dos Santos/IXO/ZUMA Press/NewsCom

According to this July 8th article on the LA Times, a new Outkast album may well be on its way by the end of 2011. The last release by the group (or should I say just Andre3000) was 'Da Art of Storytelling Part 4' back in 2007 featured on a DJ Drama mixtape. Since then the waters have been very quiet but the word on the industry street (by a rock-solid source apparently...) is that both artists are working on solo projects as we speak as well as a group album to be released before 2012. If it's true then that sounds great news but in the meantime we can only reminisce on their classic ish and hope that all the rumours of tension between the two are nothing but BS...

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