Snoop Dogg at Lovebox 2011

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After a great show in May at the HMV Forum, Snoop was back in the Big Smoke in occasion of Lovebox 2011 in Victoria Park…and what a return it was! The area was packed of fans waiting for the Doggfather to perform his first album Doggystyle live alongside Tha Dogg Pound, Lady of Rage, RBX and Warren G.

After a nice warm-up by the evergreen De La Soul (I’ll post some of the vids soon…) it was time for the show we were all waiting for to get started! Doggystyle cover hanging in the background, live band set up and ready to G-Funk it up, videos of Snoop’s recent hits playing on the screens…the DJ ( can’t remember his name for ish at the moment…) then starts amping up the crowd and a video of ‘Bathtub’ starts playing! That was definitely a surprise, I wasn’t expecting videos to be played of most of the album’s interludes – ‘Bathtub, W Balls,’ ‘House Party’ and ‘Betta Ask Somebody’ – in-between songs!

Without running through each song, the show was real good and the crowd loved every minute of it (the unexpected spot of good weather and beer definitely helped!). The highlights for me were ‘Gin and Juice’ (always!), ‘Murder Was The Case’ (nice rendition, first time I heard it played live by a band…), ‘Gz and Hustlas’, and ‘Regulate’ where Snoop joined Warren G on stage and repped Nate Dogg to the fullest!

Overall Snoop did his thing and rocked the show, but I personally preferred the show in May as the energy at the Forum was of a different intensity! Also, performing ‘Wet’ and ‘I Wanna F*ck You’ on the night wasn’t really needed as we were all there to see Doggystyle live and not to hear commercial songs he had already performed in May and will perform again in October no doubt.

That aside, it was a great show once again by Snoop Dizzle so big up to Lovebox for bringing him over with the rest of the DPG crew (even RBX!). Here’s a few vids from the night, apologies for the ‘bouncing’ effect but it’s hard to stay still when Snoop’s performing his Doggystyle classics!! Enjoy!

Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case

Snoop Dogg - Gz and Hustlas

Warren G - Regulate

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