Best Beats of 2008 - Girls Around The World (Lloyd produced by Big Reese & Jasper)

Lloyd has impressed me with his latest album. I was ready to write him off as just another young Usher/Omarion/Chris Brown clone, but he’s really stepped up to use a whole different flavour on his new album. Better yet, he’s managed to come up with one track that will keep everyone happy.

How could you go wrong with a deadly combination of Mr ‘Of Course I’ll Spit on Your Track’ Lil Wayne, Lloyd himself and a track using Rakim and Eric B’s Paid in Full as a sample. With that instantly recognisable repetitive beat in the background, combined with fitting high-notes vocals from Lloyd, ‘Girls Around the World’ has what it takes to be a long lasting hit. It’s even been released with a superb Hype Williams directed video; so finally the ignorant ones can perhaps learn a little something about the past whilst jiving to the present.

What more can I say? Big Reese & Jasper have such a wealth of experience, and using Rakim as a sample was a sure way to get everyone on their old school tip into Lloyd’s new single, but was still relevant enough not to alienate his regular fan base. Amazing.

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