Talib Kweli - Distractions

Here's the video to the socially-conscious 'Distractions', produced by Oh No and most probably to feature on Talib's new album 'Prisoner of Conscience' scheduled to drop next year. As 2012 looms listen to Kweli and don't get distracted too much by unimportant things in the new year, and here's a little explanation from the man himself on how the song originated:

"A little less a year ago, I got a beat from one of my favorite producers, Oh No, that I felt would be a perfect sound bed for the album I was working on, Prisoner Of Conscious. As I played the beat over and over trying to write lyrics, I kept finding myself distracted. By the TV, by twitter, by trivial things. I realized then that the beat was asking me to write about Distractions. Beats talk to me. They tell me what to rap about, they suggest a guest for the song. One of the things I was distracted by was the news coming from Tahrir Square last year. The Arab Spring was unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. Beginning with a vegetable cart owner named Mohammed Bouazizi setting himself on fire in Tunisia to protest general unfair treatment, the Arab Spring spread like wildfire to Sudan and then to Egypt, as thousands of protestors occupied Tahrir Square to call for corrupt president Hosni Mubarak to step down. The first line that I wrote for my song Distractions was, "they say it ain't about the spoils of war, but turn around and tell you how much more the oil will cost." This was inspired by the Arab Spring..." 

Read the rest of the explanation on BallerStatus.com

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