Kim Jong-Il spitting rhymes

Well, who would've thought that the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il had such potential as a deejay
and emcee.

Within days of his passing away, the truth started coming out. First with Kim Jon-Il dropping the bass, where we can see the man in action all over the world with some of the biggest deejays on the scene. Check out the pics below, the dude sparks fire on the wheels of steel...

Then, on the 18th of Dec, his first track appeared online and man it´s some heavy sh*t. Kim spits deadlier rhymes than when Cannabis challenged LL, or dare we say Eminem when he destroyed Benzino. Bump the banger out below, we want the 'Il' on our beats

And to wrap it up, here is the press release we received...we look forward to more

A rap song has surfaced from recently deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. In "Jim Kong Ill", the late Mr Il tells U.S. President Obama to "stay the [expletive] outta L.A." and recommends Iran's President Ahmedinejad to "get a job", among several barbs throw at a range of world leaders. The song was recorded and released by Los Angeles-based emcee Malkovich, who claims that Mr Il in fact died last July, and has inhabited his body for the last several months. A short biography on http://malkovichmusic.com provides all that is know about the Persian-British emcee, who was born during Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution and narrowly escaped death in Libya when an American bomb meant for Colonel Qaddafi almost hit his home.

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