Best Beats of 2008 - Angel (The Game feat. Common produced by Kanye West)

I don’t care what people say, L.A.X was a dope album and was blessed with some awesome production to boot. However one track simply shone through and deserved to be held on a totally different (and higher) pedal stool than the rest of the album. Fast-forward to Angel and you’ll see what I mean.

Surely eyebrows must have been raised when chronic name-dropper Game recruited conscious Common to assist him on a track, but with one of Kanye’s finest efforts behind the boards, the end result has been spectacular. Mr. West has dropped a bomb that allows Common to use his laid-back soulful flow, but pumps enough bass and synthesizer to keep the West Coast faithful at bay. And that’s what makes this track so spectacular. Not only is it a top quality effort, I could imagine it fitting so many other artists due to its super wide appeal.

I am still struggling to comprehend why this hasn’t been released as an official single yet, because it’s got what it takes to be something very special. Unfortunately, in the days where we seem to always look for something to bump in a club, Angel will no doubt get overlooked by the mainstream and baby-fans. A hidden gem.

Below, for your listening pleasure...

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