EPMD - We Mean Business Free Sampler

Oh yes they're back. Rapping from the crowd into Erick Sermon's mic while the duo were performing "Da Joint" was probably a monumentally life changing experience for us young enthusiastic bboyz (ah, memory lane).

Anyhow, album came out on the 9th of Dec. Check out the sampler (right click and save as), an initial listen definitely promises hotness. There's still that Erick Sermon raw funk in the beats and in 2009 they still sound crazy fresh. Would've been tempting for them to go down the fashionable electro/dance rap/rnb route, but the E has kept it more than real. Call us nostalgic (yes, we grew up in the 80's) but if you miss the 90's sound with an EPMD twist, this album is out there waiting for you.

Download the full sampler now, or check out Yo feat. Redman below

1 comment:

  1. Yeah dudes this is awesome stuff dudes, I love havin a smoke and readin your words man, keep it up. One love.


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