Best Beats of 2008 - Universal Mind Control (Common produced by Neptunes)

Is it just me or do the Neptunes seem to get overlooked these days, despite constantly producing bangers? 

Common’s album, Universal Mind Control had a strange mix of club-ready tracks blended with Common’s familiar territory of conscious and deep cuts. Personally, the title single did it for me. Yes, Common sounds out of place on this up-tempo beat. Yes, Common could not do it justice. And yes, it no doubt alienated the hard-core Common faithful who would have raised their eyebrows when hearing this. But nevertheless, flaws aside, Universal Mind Control is a track you could love even with Tony Yayo in the booth. Clearly inspired by Afrika Bombaataa’s “Planet Rock”, the track is bouncy and you’d be hard pressed not to stop moving some part of your body when listening to this. 

Neptunes absolutely smashed it with this, but unfortunately it got into the hands of the wrong MC. It’s not that Common sounds bad, it’s just he couldn’t do it justice. I reckon this is one of those pieces that the Neptunes should’ve kept for someone else, or better yet, used it for themselves. A banger that’s been kept alive thanks to its club appeal, but you get the feeling it would have been so much bigger with someone slightly more energetic...

Check it out below

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