EPMD Art Project

You may think we have an EPMD obsession here at the rap buzz. And yes, we kind of do (who wouldn't...!?) but this is a very interesting project.
A group of top world urban artists has come together to create works inspired by EPMD. The canvases and prints will be auctioned off at various events across the US and all proceeds will go to Brooklyn New York-based charity Groundswell Community Mural Project. The original Haze created EPMD logo will remain the symbol of the group but this gives other artists a chance to add their visual intepretation to the image of the legendary duo. Checkout more images at the project blog.
What a great idea we say. Getting fans to design album covers or other artist materials is not necessarily new, but it's nevertheless a really cool thing to do. It's good to see a legendary hip hop group getting involved in this and also taking the extra step of giving all proceeds to charity. 
Well done Erick and Parish, hope to see even more good stuff in 2009!

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