Best Beats of 2008 - That White (Fat Joe produced by Dj Premier)

You know what? It doesn’t even matter who spits on this. It doesn’t matter what it’s called, or what album it’s featured on. For all I care, this could be a bonus track on a Flo-rida album and it would still send the same shiver down my spine. Damn Premo, you’ve done it again!

Fat Joe’s album was actually pretty decent, seeing as he was getting shitted on by 50 at the time (who made a whole mixtape against him), whilst being heavily criticized for trying to hard to fit the Southern niche, and leaving his New York following behind. Elephant in the Room was blessed with some decent performances, that allowed us to see the old Joe; there were also some tunes that made us think maybe it’s time he put up the mic... 

DJ Premier has managed to use his infamous sample laced over an ‘oh so easy to flow too’ beat, leaving the foundations for any half-decent rapper to spit his game. Seriously speaking, I reckon even the most tired rappers would be inspired if they were given 10 Premo tracks to make an album out of.

So this is just fire! It’s hard not to bop your head to this, I can’t believe “I Won’t Tell” got a video and this didn’t, definitely something that will make most Joey fans go WTF!? Stop chasing radio spins Mr. Crack and stick to what you do best!

Track below...

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  1. Yeah man Fat Jope is the shiznit dawg!!


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